Angie's journey began in the wooded outskirts of New Haven, Connecticut, where she developed her specialty in print and publication design, working in a small printing house that serviced clients around the county. 
She then moved to the city of concrete and one dollar pizza named New York where she created her first publication of curated art for the Fashion Institute of Technology. The college also happened to be where she studied graphic design and found her desires to become a creative director in the distant future. Afterwards, she attempted to rediscover her passion of community service at the nonprofit, Reclaim New York, instead she developed skills in motion graphics, branding, and project management through working with a small team of professionals in local and national politics and regional outreach. Then she became a freelance designer, working with small business owners, and tutored aspiring creatives as well. There she found her ambitions as a designer, through the projects she worked on as well as through plot based video games that she played during her free time.
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