Branding Guidelines

Iconography rules in space, color, and shape.

Color Scheme is a tinted set based in the two primary colors of New York State.

The two primary fonts of choice were Akzidenz Grotesk for printed reports, and Raleway for digital graphics.

Varied examples of layout rules set in place in print and on their social media presence.

Profiles of the possible audiences to reach based on generational age cohorts.
Social and Digital Media
Still Infographics about education and taxes in New York State.
Animated Infographics focused on various key issues.

A special form of Infographic, giving members the opportunity to explain issues directly to audiences.

Examples of the images shared on the organization's Instagram account.
Photography provided by the Director of Reclaim New York, Brandon Muir.
Online Advertising Campaigns

Original concept inspired by the revolutionary war, connecting citizens that act on government transparency to those that fought to create America.

The finalized subsequent campaign, where classical art of the revolutionary war was combined with modern day slang.
A different advertising campaign, where we emphasize how high taxes impedes on citizen's livelihoods.
Custom Animated Presentations
Printed Materials

The organization's first annual report detailing their focus, goals, and achievement.
Photography provided by the Director of Reclaim New York, Brandon Muir.

A brochure designed for attendees of their outreach programs.

Various designs for printable reports available online through their website.
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